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Amazon Work from Home Jobs (2020), Apply Now

Last Updated on March 31, 2020

Till now you might have been purchased a lot of things from Amazon but did you know you there are Amazon work from home jobs too? If you thought Amazon is only an e-commerce platform, it is time to explore more, particularly if you want to work from home and earn extra income.

Since Amazon is a trusted brand and number 1 e-commerce platform of the world, you can be assured of its credibility too. It is natural to think of credibility of a company at this point, especially when there are numerous bogus scam sites which offer work from home opportunities.

In this article, you will find some interesting and rewarding Amazon work from home gigs to get you through your little monthly expenses and make money. Let’s see what’s in there for you! There’s something for everyone who is looking to work without traditionally going to an office.


Amazon Work From Home Jobs For 2020

Here is the list of work from home jobs from Amazon in 2020 :

Microtasking at Amazon MTurk

Amazon MTurk (Mechanical Turk) has a wide range of microtasks to perform. The best part of this platform is that you need not be a person from the USA to take tasks on it. You will be able to choose from various microtasks such as data tagging, surveying, ratings etc. It is basically a crowdsourcing platform where individual contractors search for people to do small tasks for them and get paid in return.

Since the tasks are micro in nature, so is the payment. Doing such tasks will not fetch you a handsome amount, but it will still cover expenses of small nature. So, take it as a side-job and not a full time one. Other types of tasks include data mining, transcription, freelance writing, surveying, data entry etc.

The more complex your task is, higher will be the payment. Bigger tasks, often time-consuming or simply take more resources (efforts or knowledge), fetch good income. You can apply for Amazon MTurk here. It might take a while before you know the status of your application.

Joining Amazon Influencer Program

If you are good with your social media account, have a considerable number of followers or friends, this Amazon Work From Home job is for you. As an influencer, you have the power to lead people into buying a product or a service. This is where your power comes into play and fetches you an extra income.

This job is quite similar to Amazon Associates with only one difference; the main mode of promotion is through social media channels. Regardless of the platform (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter) you are an influencer on, Amazon Influencer program lets you cash on your popularity by giving you the opportunity to promote a product.

However, not everyone is eligible for this program. You will have to qualify for this. Various metrics that are considered for eligibility are number of followers, likes, subscriptions, friends, shares etc. The more numbers are, the more are chances of you getting access to it.

Once you are let in, you will be able to create a unique page on Amazon with a vanity URL. Thereafter comes your part of promoting products on your profile, page, or channel. For applying to Amazon Influencer Program, you can click here.

Being An Amazon Customer Service Executive

As already explained, Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform. It naturally means, there are millions of orders placed every day. The numbers significantly increase around holidays. To cope up with the additional pressure of user queries, refunds, assistance in delivery, tracking with salesman and delivery boys, Amazon hires customer service executives.

This Amazon work from home job is best suited for those who have prior experience in customer handling and service sector. This program is available in multiple states of the USA. Minimum requirement for taking this job includes a high school diploma and unsurprisingly, minimum one year of experience in customer service.

Additional points are given for good command on English language, a pleasant demeanour, and ability to handle tricky situations. Just like any other home based work, you need an internet connection and a computer or a laptop for this. Your task will be to handle customers by resolving their issues over phone or emails.

Typically, you will be paid $15 an hour. The number of working hours is around 20 to 30 per week. However, there can be a slight increase (with additional payment), of course, during peak season. Once you have spent a long time in Amazon Customer Service program, you will be entitled to health care benefits too. Application for this program can be submitted here.

Start Amazon FBA

If you would like to take things in your own hand and feel like a mini entrepreneur, you could start Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon). This is undoubtedly the most popular way to earn money with Amazon. In this, you have to send the products to Amazon and it will take care of packaging, sorting, customer service, nearly everything.

You don’t need any special skill for this, but you will have to find the best products to sell. The products should be easy to sell. There should be high demand for this or you will sit idle for a long time. You can search for fast selling products and procure them from wholesalers for bulk price. Thus, you will get a higher margin.

There is no limit on the earnings on this. Your revenue solely depends on how many products you are going to sell. And remember that sometimes, there could be long gaps between earnings too, especially when your product is season based. However, that shouldn’t deter you to explore associated products.

Create and publish e-books

On Amazon, you can create and publish e-books and paperbacks too! This Amazon work from home job is going to be loved by creative writers and authors in particular. If you are skilled in creative writing, have passion for literature or any other type of work, you can create your own e-books and publish them here.

Kindle is a fantastic product by Amazon for reading e-books. Readers can download your e-book and read it on Kindle, how amazing is that. You will get around 70% of royalties obtained from the sale of the e-book. Further, you have the advantage of quoting your own price for your creative work.

Paperbacks, on the other hand, earn 60% of the royalties. Here too you can decide your own price. It takes around one to two days for the book to show up for download. Once it is featured, you can expect people to download it. Positive ratings here help too for others to get motivated and make the purchase.

Sell creative t-shirts on Amazon Merch

Another amazing Amazon work from home job is to design creative t-shirts and sell them on Amazon Merch. Bonus points if you are a designer with a creative flair. However, be known that it is an invitation only program.

There could be a waiting period once you apply for this program. Amazon invites new talent for designs periodically. You have to upload your artwork for t-shirts and choose things such as color and product type.

Here too you are free to put a price on your product. After completing these things, Amazon will get them printed and handle the rest of it. You need not worry about sales and shipping. For every sale you make, you will earn royalty. For more information about royalties and scope of earnings, you can click here.

Drive for Amazon Flex

Another Amazon work from home job is to join Amazon Flex. On this, you will have to deliver goods for Amazon services such as Amazon Fresh, Prime Now, and Amazon Restaurants. If you love driving, can’t accustom yourself to typical work from home job, Amazon Flex is perfect for you.

Similar to Uber or DoorDash, it is more flexible with respect to working hours. You will have to work through Flex app for taking up deliveries. For taking up this delivery job, you will need a smartphone and a car. Typical income range is $18 to $25 per hour as driver which is quite decent for a part time job.

You will have to indicate the times you are able to deliver, pick up packages from outlets or warehouses, and deliver them to the designated destinations using Flex. Nearly all the major cities of USA are covered such as Washington DC, Baltimore, Richmond, Cleveland etc. If your desired city is not available for this service, you can join the waitlist.

Location Requirements to Work for Amazon

Amazon delivers nearly everywhere but the locations where you can work are fewer. So basically you must reside in a state where Amazon has its office presence. Here is the list of the states where Amazon presently has an office –

  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming

Bonus Amazon Work from Home Gigs

Apart from the traditional and more popular job opportunities that Amazon has to offer, here are some additional gigs from Amazon that you can take –

  • Amazon has healthcare jobs online. You can choose to enrol as bio-pharma consultant and senior solutions healthcare architect. The bio-pharma position requires knowledge in IT, travel, and consulting experience. The healthcare architect will be a part of a team to develop new solutions for healthcare partners.
  • There are many more Amazon work from home jobs listed on Virtual Locations Job Page. You will surely see something which matches your abilities, experience, and qualification. Jobs can be found from area such as tech support, management in operations, deliveries, areas, logistics, and more.
  • Amazon Vine lets you earn free products in return of unbiased and helpful reviews on the main Amazon website. This invitation only program chooses people for review according to their participation and reviews. Posting consistently good reviews and enthusiastic participation helps here to get chosen.
  • In Amazon Trade-In, you can trade your unwanted electronic gadgets for Amazon gift cards. You can trade devices, books, video games etc. as well. If your item is in a good condition and gets accepted for trade in, you will have to ship the item to Amazon. Receipt of gift cards happen instantly or after 10-12 days.


There are numerous, maybe millions of websites, which offer work from home opportunities. But it is hard to trust because of increasing scams. Amazon, on the other hand, is a reputed and trusted place which offers jobs which can be done from home.

There are different Amazon work from home jobs which you can choose from according to your experience, qualification, and interest. If nothing else has worked for you, it is time to register on Amazon and get rolling with that extra income, that too without leaving home!


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