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10+ Best Keyword Research Tools (2021)

Last Updated on October 22, 2020

Keyword Research is  base and pre-requisite when it comes to content marketing and we have curated the most updated keyword research tools list for 2021.

One cannot succeed if one has not researched the niche well. In case of content, it is really important to stay updated with the kind of trend that’s in, so that one knows well how to catch reader’s readability.

Here goes the list:

Best Keyword Research Tools (2021)



This is one of the most renowned and most used tools for identifying the best keywords for your website.

It has proven itself worthy enough when it comes to PPC, keywords targeting, traffic data and rank tracking.

This tool is precise, exact, bankable and very fast as it delivers the most accurate keywords in a very less turnaround time. Once you are using SEMRush, neither you will have to spend time on any other tool nor spend much time on this tool either.

We have already spoken of its accuracy, the tool throws research along with CPC Adwords price and competition level of the keywords.



This tool gives access to upto 30 keyword searches a month for free. Various features include :

QSR – Quoted search result, that’s your exact no. of competitor websites trying to rank for keywords shown alongside.

KQI – Keywords quality indicator, classified into various colors, where green is great, yellow is ok and red is poor.

SEO Score – A number between 1-100, the higher the number, the more are the chances to rank for that particular word.

So, for a highly competitive niche, i.e. car insurance you clearly have the below keywords that are easy to rank for, eg.  Car insurance Australia, car hire insurance etc.



Soovle is rather than a suggestion tool and not just a research tool. It suggests you keywords from multiple sources like Wikipedia, amazon, answer.com, youtube, bing and yahoo.

You can filter out and save particular suggestions using their drag and drop page builder and then download the excel sheet of hand picked keywords.

Pro tip : Filter out the keywords and then do research on the volumes post that..



Keywordtool is a blazing fast keywords scraper that scraps results from youtube, amazon, bing, ebay and many more websites apart from google search results.

It also scrapes questions from various sources that you can use as FAQs schemas in your content piece as per the latest changes in the google algorithm preferences.

Keywordtool is trusted by companies like Uber, adobe, Microsoft, Bosch, Harvard University,  eBay etc.


Google Trends


If you want to search for the popularity of your keyword over time, month on month or year on year, then google trends is the tool you need.

I personally have been using google trends for planning my content calendar, like if I want to target an article black Friday, November & December are the best months, google trends helps with this.

Google trends also gives you search trend volumes and you can search for any location.



If you are looking for a google keyword planner alternative, then ubersuggest is the best bet.

The best part about uber suggest is it shows the URLs ranking for a particular keyword in SERPs along with estimated visits, number of backlinks, it’s domain score and no. of social shares.

Rather than considering ubersuggest as just another keyword research tool, I would bet for it because of it’s founder Neil Patel, who is the most followed personality among digital marketing professionals globally.

Long tail pro 


This is one of the easiest tool used for keyword research. Quick and easy, these would be the two most apt attributes that can be given to this tool.

The tool helps in the generation of long-tail keyword targets which makes it quite simple to rank yourself high in SERPs.

Though it is known for providing the most accurate keywords for your research, however, one can also set criteria for their research which may help them provide more relevant of keywords.

The tool features potential of multiple keyword search, competitor analysis, auto-search performance, rank monitoring, alternative to have pre-filter keywords, keyword competitiveness and much more. Penny wise, it would cost you $268/year.



Wordstream’s keyword research tool can be used for both SEO as well as PPC.

You get 30 free searches a month and can go for a paid plan post that starting at 298$/month, they also have higher plans that include personal consultation with their experts on board.

They have various categories purely divided across various niches as per SEO professional trends and you can do the keyword research niche wise.



Keyword finder specializes in long tail keyword research that quickly shows you trends, volumes, CPC and level of difficulty.

A unique competitive advantage over research you have here is, Kwfinder shows domain targeting similar keywords.

It also helps in local SEO, once can target keywords to cities, state and country for the same.



This is known to be one of the most substantial, comprehensive and cost friendly tools used for keyword research.

Quick in its performance, and wide in its research service, the tool is loved for all the legit reasons. The tool holds the ability of demonstrating plethora of words instantly.

One can have the research done on the basis of exact matches as well as general terms, depending upon his/her requirement. The tool would cost you $69 per month.



If you are keen on ameliorating the results of your business and how to become more competitive, this tool is made for you.

This tool can be extremely helpful if you want to understand how you can better the usage of your keywords in your marketing campaigns.

The tool can be a great assistant in conducting a research of the campaigns being carried out by your competitors while unearthing new keywords and ideas.

They have multiple plans to offer, suiting your needs and pocket, both, which starts from as low as $33 per month.



The tool is deemed perfect for the SEO purposes of small and medium sized businesses.

It has some of the best SEO features like keyword research, link management, competitive analysis, and site optimization.

While having one of the cheapest paid model, it is quick, simple and creative enough to provide you best of keywords post your research.

It has a different of representation too. It displays words with high search volume greater in size and the words with low search volume in smaller size.

And as we said, it is the most pocket friendly tool. It would just cost you $7 per month.

Trial – 1$

Monthly – 44$

 Google Search Console

If you want to see the exact data along with the exact search volumes that your website ranks for already, then google search console is the best tool.

The better the CTR you have the more the chances for maintaining higher positions in google search results.

If your CTR is low, you may want to change your title tag and meta description along with changes to make your content piece more engaging.

A single URL may rank for hundreds of keywords as shown in google search console.

Google Analytics

This one is not a typical tool per se, however, it is a great portal which can help you get an in-depth and accurate insight about how your keywords have been performing and what can be done to enhance that performance.

All you have to do is- go to Google Analytics, tap from Acquisition to channels, and hit on organic search. This would help you see the keywords users searched for to find your site.

This way you can get an understanding on where you are lagging and what the scope of improvement for you is.


With these tools, we hope you would be able to curate most quality content which is equally good from SEO perspective as well. Do let us know in the comment section how you found this blog. Feel free to write to us in case of any confusion as well. Always happy to help you out!


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