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List of Top 20 Online Best Shopping Sites in World (Updated 2020)

Last Updated on November 22, 2019

Online shopping is becoming the next big thing in our economy. So, for such shopping lovers, we’ve compiled the list of  best shopping sites in the world which are preferred globally for their authenticity and varied aspects.Here goes the list:

Best Shopping Sites in the World ( Updated 2020 )



Undoubtedly, this bags the tag of being world’s no.1 e-commerce store and by far the best shopping site in across the globe and for all the right reasons.

Amazon is the reason why online shopping became a widely followed cult.

An easy to use interface, quick and reliable payment methods, variety in products, authenticity of products and great discount offers makes Amazon the best online shopping website through the world.



This is another popular name in the list of shopaholics just next to amazon.

Buy products at the prices that suit your pockets, brings the product with great choices and gives you the much-needed content.

While giving you great buying options, the website gives you options to sell your stuff too. So, get rid of what you do not want and get what you crave for. Isn’t it a win-win situation!



Gaining popularity in US initially, the website has a great fame across the globe.

Having a diverse range of products, it can help you with every possible thing. From grocery, electronics, home appliances, sports, toys, fashion accessories to crafts, it has a lot to offer you.

On special occasions, it has offers like free of cost shipping, discount coupons, and some more discounts. You will definitely love it.



Used essentially for global trading for both, buyers and sellers, Alibaba is famous in the Asian regions like China but ships across the world, its placed at No. 2 spot of best shopping sites worldwide.

Ever since its inception, it has been bridging gap between suppliers and buyers by selling at the best possible price to profit buyers as well.

They let products get compared, have safe payment gateway options and a rapid delivery which makes it appealing among its users.



Essentially an American shopping portal, it has widened its contours and has started delivering across the world.

With great buying options and authentic products, it has won the heart of many and has a good number of loyalists who do not go anywhere apart from Target.com.

This shopping website has something for everyone. It would not disappoint its users ever.



Going by its name, the website has all the best deals available for its users and is extremely helpful.

It compares the prices across the globe and then lists down the best ones for you. Bestbuy.com would never disappoint you when it comes to a good deal.

From clothes to accessories, it has enough for everyone.



Its name itself provokes you to turn into a shopaholic, doesn’t it?

It has the entire world at your disposal to shop and we are very serious about this. With the most diverse range and great economical deals, ensuring shopping doesn’t cause a hole in your pocket, you can shop whatever you want and as much as you want.

The website gives you the chance of buying stuff even by bidding which is another lucrative chance to buy at the cheapest price. Wouldn’t you want to give it a shot?



Operating in several countries across the globe, the website has millions of users proffering a wide range of products and services at much discounted prices and great reliability.

The company has grown significantly since its beginning and is known for providing standard services and products.



Have you just moved in a new house or an office and looking for some appealing yet comfortable furniture?

If yes, then your hunt should end at Ikea.com as it has the best of furniture available with best quality and at the best price.

This website gets a huge traffic of buyers every day, looking for some great furniture. This could be a great try for you too!

New egg


This is an online platform, which is dedicated to tech lovers, especially.

This is an attractive store which has diverse range of mobiles, tablets, laptops and many more electronic gadgets and accessories.

It also has a variety of online software’s for web development, education software, antiviruses, digital imaging, operating systems, video, games and much more.



Selling a variety of products, the platform sells from clothes to bedding to jewellery, furniture and cars.

This e-commerce portal is known for its quality products, high range of products, great prices and quick delivery.

This is certainly one website that’s a must to be explored.



Founded in 2002 by Eric Koger and Susan Gregg-Koger, this is a very popular American online retail store dedicated to women clothing, apparels and accessories.

With a wide range of stuff, it has diverse range of clothing, décor and accessories differing in designs.

They are either inspired by independent designers or vintage. But that’s certain, that one can at least find something from this platform.



If you are very particular about your clothing and shoes and love to explore shopping websites, then Zappos is a must try for you.

This is known as the largest online shoe store in the world.

Founded in 1999 by Nick Swinmurn, the platform is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.



Designed especially for young women, who love to be tip-toed for their appearances.

This is an American online retailer platform which has a wide range of clothes, shoes and accessories.

The platform is based out of Los Angeles, United States and was founded by Sophia Amoruso in 2006.

Mr. Porter


Though a real man comes with inner qualities, this online platform ensures that a man comes with great looks too.

Launched in 2011, this is an American online retailer which has been carved out especially for men clothing. It offers everything that it takes for a man to be stylish.

From clothes to shoes to accessories, one can find everything here.



Based out of Brooklyn, New York City, United States and launched in 2005, Etsy is all about varied handmade, vintage and factory-manufactured items coming in form of clothing, jewellery, art, beauty products and much more.



Specialising in everything which pertains to beauty and fashion, Asos is a leading online store for both men, and women in United Kingdom.

It lets you narrow down your search by making use of trends and collection features while letting you buy and sell pre-owned clothes through the online marketplace that is presented to you.



This doesn’t need any description, does it? Known across the globe, this is known as one of the trendiest brand which has spread its wings to online stores as well. It certainly has everything for everyone’s budget. From trendy clothes to shoes and accessories, this is a one stop destination for shopaholics.



Known as Amazon’s baby, Shopbop has inherited all the awesomeness from its parent- Amazon.

It proffers all the latest labels and high-end designers. While assuring you of quality, it has great and a very quick delivery also.

Go ahead trying this, you are going to love it.


Do let us know below if these websites helped you or if you want to share any experience with these websites.

Also, let us know if you feel we are missing out on any name that we can mention in the list of best websites. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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