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5 Guidelines for Choosing an Affiliate Program for Your Blog

Updated on November 21, 2020

This is something which expert affiliate marketers are the most certain about. The kind of an affiliate program you chose to promote and sell are the most important factor in determining your overall revenues. Sometimes, it can get confusing as there are an umpteen number of affiliate programs available on the internet across all niches. Therefore, it can get difficult to selectively choose the right one. When you think about launching affiliate campaigns on your blog, it can get even more confusing. A blog is generally built around the various aspect of a broad niche like blogging or health and fitness. Therefore, choosing what products and which categories to promote can become difficult and exhausting sometimes.

But for comprehensive results from affiliate marketing, one must have a clear picture about the choice of his or her affiliate programs!

Is there a thumb rule ?

No. there is not! Different niches come with different kinds of affiliate programs and all have their own unique strategies in marketing.

Recommended Guidelines to choose an Affiliate Program :

1. Be thorough with your research about any program

Knowing everything about your affiliate programs is a must. You should do this before signing up for any program. Check out their official websites, and user reviews before signing up. Read the FAQs to know about various doubts and issues related to different aspects of the program. Make informed choices based on information and not suggestions. Know about their customer support and other services.

Always be sure about the program before making a choice.

2. Only choose genuine programs

Unethical ways of earning quick money will land you in the wrong places sooner or later. Cheap MLM products where you have to force people to buy should not be a part of your programs. It destroys your blog’s reputation and monetization potential. Don’t sell anything you find to your readers and visitors just for the sake of money.


3. The program should be relevant to your niche

Never move away from your niche and start selling alien affiliate programs. It circulates a negative rep about you and will result in losses. For instance, if you have a fitness blog then you can choose those affiliate programs that offer natural supplements, or health remedies and promote them. If you have a blog related to hosting then you can go for Bluehost affiliate plans.

The reason niche should not be neglected is because it is your prime traffic generating factor!

4. The products should be relatively new

Always go for newer and innovative products and affiliate programs rather than established ones. This is because most established affiliate programs reach saturation levels in 6-7 years. Therefore, the returns expected from them are not so great as compared to newer innovative affiliate programs. There can be certain evergreen exceptions, but the overall scenario remains the same. Your affiliate programs should allow you to change products at regular intervals and take advantage of fresh markets.

You should never copy those products and programs that others are selling. This will make your blog lag behind on search engines as similar links and content would already have been indexed previously. Pick relevant, unique and fresh affiliate programs.

5. Be clear on the payment methods of these programs

Always do your research on the payment programs offered by affiliate programs. Stay from those that you do not understand or those which offer very less remuneration for quality efforts. Check if the payment channels they have, are compatible and will work for you. Always be clear on the terms and conditions and check if there are any hidden costs or charges.

When choosing an affiliate program, certain things should be kept in mind. You must know what you are trying to sell. I follow these guidelines for my programs and hope that they might come in handy for you too!


Do you agree? Share you feedback in comments what affiliate program you feel is the best one you are using currently !!


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