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Online English Teaching Jobs[2020],Instant Money Opportunities

Last Updated on October 22, 2020

Online English teaching jobs, either focused on conversational or business English, offer a great opportunity to teach non-English speakers around the world. Unlike other teaching jobs, the requirements aren’t stringent. Your native understanding of the language and its intricacies are good enough as skills to become an online English teacher.

The market for online English teachers is increasing with more and more people, especially from non-English speaking countries, willing to learn proper use of English.

We have covered some of the best online English teaching jobs in this article along with other necessary aspects. Let’s go!

Online English Teaching Jobs

Before you start looking fanatically for online English teaching jobs, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

  • You need to be proficient in English. It doesn’t matter whether you have a degree or not, although having one certainly helps. Your normal conversational English certainly won’t working as far as teaching online is concerned. You need to be aware of grammar, punctuation, phonetics, and much more.
  • Teaching isn’t boring anymore, for students as well as teachers. A lot of teachers put fun elements in different ways to increase student’s interaction level, incite curiosity, and make them understand easier. It helps to remove the drag usually associated with teaching a language.
  • See the above point. Use tools and teaching aides as much as possible. Merely having a whiteboard and markers won’t do the job. At the least, it would not certainly justify online teaching to a good extent. Use of software, tools, and learning aides such as cue cards, posters etc. impart a good impression.


Questions To Ask Before Applying For Online English Teaching Jobs

There are certain questions you should be able to answer favourably before you head to seek online English teaching jobs, a standard set is as follows :

  • Is there a need of a degree?
  • Does the website accept applications from your country?
  • Is an ESL certification such as TEFL certificate required?
  • What is the number of working hours?
  • Provision of changing schedule or flexibility options?
  • What are students’ demographics – age, proficiency level, and nationality?
  • What’s the payment structure, per class, per hour, or fixed?
  • Provision of cancellation, from student’s or your end?

Best Companies Offering Online English Teaching Jobs


This company demands candidates to have a bachelor’s degree for online English teaching jobs. Candidates must have a TESOL or equivalent. Students will be from Taiwan of different age groups. Teachers here can get up to $24 per hour.

Bonuses are rewarded too based on the number of students in the class and ratings given by the students. Teachers must teach at least for 10 peak hours per week. It includes 4 hours at weekends. Tutors from USA, Canada, and UK are sought after by the company. 1 year experience in teaching is also needed.

Teach Away

Teach Away is a fantastic company to be associated with. The company hires native English speaking citizens of Canada or the USA. Applicant should have a bachelor’s degree to be eligible. This makes it fit for even those students who aren’t certified in ESL but possess a degree. The task will be to teach English online to students from China.

Mostly, you will deal with students from preschool to grade 6. Your income depends on your experience as well as educational credentials.


51Talk company regularly posts about online English teaching jobs. Candidates based in the Philippines with a bachelor’s degree and experience are required. Students will be from China, with an age range of 4-12. Payment is up to $19 per hour. The base pay here is $15 per hour, it increases with training. You can earn performance bonuses too. Teachers must work for a minimum of 30 peak time hours in a month. Over the period of contact, an off of 30 days is also allowed.


To pick online English teaching jobs on VIPKID, you need to possess a bachelor’s degree. Further, you need to be either a US citizen or a Canadian citizen. The task is to teach English on web to students from China. The level of students will be kindergarten to grade 9. You can get paid up to $22 USD per hour of teaching.

The base salary here is $7 to $9 per lesson. It can increase too based on your performance and credentials. On the top of it, there are performance bonus opportunities too. $1 is given for being punctual and another $1 is given for teaching more than 45 classes a month.

You can select the schedule you want to teach in; there are many 25 minute slots to teach. Booking of teachers is done one week in advance. If you fail to show up or cancel a class at least 24 hours before the schedule, the fee will be deducted from your pay. On the other hand, if a student doesn’t show up or cancels the lesson, you will get full payment in major class.


Gogokid is another fantastic company which offers online English teaching jobs. Candidates from US or Canada who possess a bachelor’s degree can apply for job here. Chinese students from kindergarten to grade 6 level will be the audience here.

Teachers can earn up from $14 to $25 per hour. Teachers can earn from $14 to $25 per hour. Also, new teachers can fetch $300 bonus too. Teachers can choose either Monday to Friday (from 6 to 10 am) or Saturday to Sunday (from 9 pm to 10 am).


DaDa hires people who have bachelor’s degree. The task will be to teach English to students from China, ranging from kindergarten to grade 9. The teachers make between $15 and $25 on hourly basis. It also depends on total physical response (TPR) performance in the interview. You don’t have to be a North American to work for the company.

You can apply for the teacher job sitting anywhere in the world. As a teacher, you will have to provide your weekly availability. A minimum of 2 hours, two days per week is necessary. Based on your schedule, DaDa will assign students to you.

For changing your existing schedule, you will have to give a notice, a minimum of 30 days. In case your slot doesn’t get filled and your standing time is greater than 30 minutes, you get half payment for the period.

English Hunt

US candidates with an ESL certificate or 48 college credit hours can apply for online English teaching jobs here. However, it is not necessary to reside in the US for being a teacher at this company. Your task will be to teach English to students of Korea, over phone. Pay is around $20 per hour. Teachers have two shifts to choose from Monday to Friday (6 am – 9 am EST) and Saturday and Sunday (6 pm to 12 am EST). Teachers who choose evening shifts have more flexibility in terms of work hours.


QKids hires native English speaking candidates from US or Canada. It is necessary to hold a bachelor’s degree and a teaching license or ESL certificate (such as TEFL). Payment ranges up to $20 per hour. The students will be from kindergarten to grade 6, from China. Teachers are required to devote a minimum of 6 hours per week. Selection will be done on the basis of an interview which would include a video demo too.

All teachers get a base pay of $16 per hour with an attendance bonus of $1 for being on time. Additional benefits include performance bonus. The schedule of classes will be issued on the website or app. You can check it on weekly basis on Sunday evenings. You can request changes in your schedule if you notify the team 24 hours in advance.


Englishhunt offers online English teaching jobs for virtual classes. It has offices in Seoul, Korea and Michigan, USA. Currently, the company is hiring candidates for teaching English to Japanese students. Teachers are required to have ESL certification or teaching certification (in any subject). Typical work hours range from 8 to 12 hours per week. Since you will deal with Japanese students, the hours will be between 4 AM and 7 AM EST (evening hours for Japanese students). The company pays $14.50 an hour.


A bachelor’s degree in any field is necessary to work here. Candidates who either have a TEFL certificate or are willing to get it are preferred. This company delivers 25-minute engaging online classes to kids from age 6 to 10. Teaching opportunities are available 363 days, 24 hours per day. Such in the name of flexibility! The company is right now seeking teachers for early weekday mornings (4-8:30 am EST) classes and/or weekend nights/mornings (Saturday 8 pm EST to Sunday 8 am EST and Friday 8 pm EST to Saturday 8 am EST). The base pay begins at $12 per hour.


Cambly is a fantastic company which doesn’t focus on the traditional approach of teaching. Rather, it emphasises on an informal or rather fun way to teach English. The students on this website are from all over the globe.

The sessions can be really interesting since you will deal with a great variety of students from across the globe. The company offers $0.17 per minute for its online English teaching jobs. Payment is done through PayPal. You are free to set your own working hours.

Continuum Education Services

Continuum Education Services is a recruitment agency which gets leads to companies about English language teachers and tutors. All the companies they work for offer a minimum base pay.

Also, teachers are at a great advantage of choosing their own working hours. You are required to be a native English speaker to work for CES. Also, TESOL/TEFL certification is necessary. If you don’t have one, you will have to procure it within 90 days.


It is a company located in Germany which offers online English teaching jobs to teachers who are into more of a conventional classroom setting and source. But neither it is boring nor has a lesser appeal.

Classes are conducted over Skype or virtual classrooms. You can choose working hours as per your schedule. The lessons slots are available 24 hours a day. The salary here depends on the experience. You can expect to earn somewhere between $10 and $11 hourly.


There are plenty of companies which are offering online English teaching jobs. Not all companies demand a certification or a bachelor’s degree although it certainly helps in getting more dollars per hour.

You can teach students from around the world which is a great opportunity for cultural exposure too. And the job is well rewarding too with great salary, performance bonuses, and extra wages.

Before applying, always pay close attention to the terms and conditions, especially working hours. You don’t want to mess up your existing schedule or job, trying to fit in this new hustle. Then, check for your class students’ range and if there’s any need of additional aides. Let us know which company appealed you the most. Also let us know of any past experience in online teaching or even learning, for that matter!

Do let us know in comments what do you think about the same !


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