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Best Online Proofreading Tools (Updated 2021)

Updated on November 22, 2020

Online Proofreading Tools are the latest buzz among Web content writers these days, Do you want to be at par with high profile American writers or are you already one?

I have been writing content professionally since over 10 years now, a huge portion of my time and money was spent in getting the content edited before hitting the publish button, but ever since I’ve tried some of the below proofreading tools and started using them, things have changed. Productivity is 3 times and costing has reduced to a fraction.

Best online proofreading tools:



Known as one of the most accurate tools for the grammar correction, this would put an end to your search of best online proofreading tools. It is a multi-purpose tool as your content goes through more than 200 check points, which are nothing but 200 grammar rules.

It would do a spell-check for you, suggest you better words and to add cherry on the top, it does plagiarism check as well.

It has a lot of integrations possible that too for free that’s why I recommend this tool, Below are some of them :

For Emails & Messages : Gmail, Outlook, Facebook Messenger, Yahoo.

For documents & Projects : Slack, Google Docs, Jira, Salesforce

For Social Media : Medium, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.

Grammarly not just helps you to correct your grammar and tone byt also eliminates any types of errors by suggesting alternate and more suitable words.

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This is another online proofreading tool which is loved by many. Yes, it is as good as Grammarly!. While providing you error-free content, it also hones your language and writing skills. Below are some of it’s salient features :

Word Prediction : It has an inbuilt smart word predictor when you are typing at a speed.

Grammar Checker : Automatically reviews your text for any grammar, spelling or punctuation errors.

Text Reader : If you are bored reading your document you can listen to it in the form of audio using the inbuilt text reader.

Sentence Rephraser : Rephrase your sentences automatically if you are looking to change the style and tone in just one click.

Dictionary, Translator & Personal Trainer : There’s a built in dictionary, a translator to 40 international languages and a lot of English improvement practice sessions.

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An open source technology, Afterthedeadline is a Free online proofreading tool gaining popularity among web content writers, Below are some of it’s features :

Check spellings : 9 out of 10 times, ATD will recommend you a correct word.

Detect Misused Words : With the database of misused words increasing on a real-time basis, this feature sets this tool apart from all the available tools. No other proofreading tool has this feature.

Check Grammar : Auto-correct confusion words like a/an, there/their, to/too etc. Also fix auxillary verb agreement error, determiner agreement errors and infinite phrases with wrong verbs.

Check Style : Suggests simple phrases in place of complex ones. Auto detects any biasness in your language and tone.

Explains errors : Gives you details of all the errors with proper explanation unlike any other tool.

Try AftertheDeadline



While chalking out the best online proof-reading tools, we just can not skip discussing this paperrater. Unlike most of the other tools, it is not limited to spell check or grammatical check alone. Rather, it also keeps a check on the title of your article, its vocabulary, word choice, writing style and much more.

In a nutshell, it is not a just a language check of your document but an elaborated analyser of your document. And you know what, it is completely free. Yes, it is a free tool. Now get your resume, essay, thesis, speech, review, research paper, short story and business communication checked and all for free.

Plagiarism Detection : The key feature of paperrater is Plagiarism Detection , with real time plagiarism feature this online proofreading tool is differentiated from all of its competitors.

Grammar & Spelling Checker : They claim to be the best grammar & spelling checker because of their patent technology over it’s cloud based system.

Everything Real-Time : While other technologies take a few minutes to report improvements, paperrater claims to be the only realtime technology available.

Feedback and writing instructions : They offer a real-time feedback with improvements based on the vocabulary usage, sentence length and phrases.

Automated Scoring : They’ve built an automated scoring system including an auto grader module.

Try Paperrater



Offering simple web interface and rich features, Slick write is one of the most powerful tools for the proof-reading of your documents. While doing a spell and grammatical checks, it analyses your documents well and provides you an in-depth report card.

It clearly points out your errors which may include adverbs, prepositions, phrases, passive words, and much more. It is also known for providing qualitative content that too free of cost.

It is a super fast grammar checker with customized reporting and feedback system that makes is stand apart from others.

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Quite popular among corporate and educational institutions like University of Toronto, Pearson, McGill University, etc. Whitesmoke is a premium online proofreading tool. It has both the options available, a desktop premium version as well as a web based version.

Widely used by Students, Bloggers, Professional writers Whitesmoke uses a Natural language Processing ( NLP ) technology with Artificial Intelligence capabilities for analyzing the text.

It also has a special OEM version with an aim to integrate with many 3rd party providers.

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Languagetool is a free online proofreading tool that has a couple of add-ons that includes addons for Firefox & Chrome, Google Docs, Libre Office, MS office etc. Below are some of it’s features:

Able to detect wrong gender in salutations.

ISBN and IBAN numbers : Incorrect checksums correction.

2500+ errors correction in English, German, French & Dutch.

Hundreds & thousands of patters for finding errors in many languages.

API access in the premium version that can make it accessible as an on premise application.

Try Langugagetool HERE

While understanding the importance of these tools in terms of error free, qualitative content, these tools could also turn into your language teachers. If you are writer and an aspiring blogger, these tools could be a great platform to hone your writing and language skills and a great progress card to your quality scaling.

We hope these Online Proofreading Tools would help you in every possible manner and you will be able to shine out bright where humongous online content is present lacking quality.


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