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Best Online Research Jobs & Companies Currently Hiring in 2020

Last Updated on April 4, 2020

Online research jobs are best suited for those who love to explore web and have a knack for finding things which others couldn’t. If your friends have ever told you that you can find almost anything on the internet, maybe it is time to put that skill into use and monetize it. In this article, we are going to discuss online research jobs, companies which offer such jobs, and more aspects of web researching.

What are Online Research Jobs?

Online researching job is pretty much self-explanatory. There are powerful search engines such as Google and Bing but they are not close to what a human can observe, search, and determine. Online information is not always readily accessible; this is where human beings are employed as online researchers.

The problem of inaccessibility especially arises when there’s a need to find technical data, scientific data, and statistics. This type of information is often restricted to subscription based journals and research papers published by an organization or an individual. So, finding such information becomes difficult and time-consuming.

Companies and businesses don’t always have the time to find such information manually. This is why they list online research jobs and hire people for them. Such freelancing online researchers are responsible for finding seemingly difficult pieces of information and compiling them together for companies to use.


However, it is not as simple as looking up for answers on Reddit, Quora, or Wikipedia. You will mostly be shifting pages of journals, research papers, volumes of PDFs, and finding the most appropriate and relevant information as directed to find. Then, you could find yourself searching government hugely sized reports on their official website, national and international organizations’ websites etc.

Sometimes, when the searching isn’t fruitful, you may have to contact scientists, professionals, statisticians, and professors etc. to obtain the desired information. The bottom line here is that your claims should be supported by solid facts, reports, and information. There’s no scope for educated guesses.

Experience needed for online research jobs

Some online research jobs can be done from home and are often entry-level. Such jobs don’t require any past experience. Some others can be more demanding and challenging. You may be required to have related experience, or at least, qualifications. Industry specific knowledge also helps. For example, a medical field researcher is desired to have some knowledge on healthcare industry.

Skills needed for online research jobs

Some of the skills needed for online research jobs are :

  • Inquisitive nature : You will have to find out a lot, on web and in real world. If you aren’t inquisitive, things can be tough for you.
  • Local contacts : Having abundance of local contacts in various areas help in sourcing otherwise hard to find information.
  • Patience : Sourcing information can be tiring. Not everything is readily available; you should be patient and composed.
  • Determination : It is easy to give up. Online researching needs determination because you will deal with targets of solving questions in a fixed time.

Getting started as an Online Researcher

There are two ways through which you can pursue the field of online researching. First is “generic” research and the second is “specialized” research. The former requires you to perform research for various third party answer websites. You will read about the requested topics online, submit result, and get paid.

As simple as that. In specialized research, you will deal with special topics in a deeper manner. No shallow work. You will work for website or company that deals with clients or individuals from your field. There are pros and cons of both. For obvious reasons, generic research doesn’t pay well whereas special research does.

Surprisingly, you may find it difficult and time consuming to perform generic search because you may not be familiar with every topic. There could be a lot of time spent in finding resources. Also, there could be unavoidable learning too. On the other hand, special research will consume time too but at least, you will spend time finding the desired information and not seeking sources to find that information.

Lastly, finding clients and companies to work for can be tough for specialized online research jobs. You may experience saturation and long waiting periods here. Generic research jobs are relatively easy to find and often, positions are available.

Best Online Research Jobs to try

As explained above, there are two ways through which you can offer your services as an online researcher – generic and specialized. If we break it down further, there are two categories – answering questions and ask an expert. We have listed various websites belonging to both categories on which you can find online research jobs.

Answering questions

On these websites, users will put forth their questions and you may answer them. There are several companies which sell question-answer services to their clients. The questions can be complex (companies needing information) or simple (students asking help for their assignments). Let’s see which websites are those –


On Answeree, you can make money by simply answering questions. Additional payments are done when your answer is liked by people.


Wonder is a wonderful site for researchers to get feedback on their studies. It is one of the best websites to work for. You will receive questions from customers directly, and then they are to be delivered with the best answers. It takes around 3 hours to complete the task(s). You will make around $15-$25 per hour. Wonder guarantees delivery of answers in 24 hours, so you will have to work accordingly.


Online research jobs aren’t meant for experts and companies only. It encompasses students too. On Studypool, students can submit their questions. The questions are posted publicly. You will have to bid on the job with your rate to get the opportunity to provide answer to the question. Payment is done when the answer gets accepted. Mostly the questions are from homework assignments. Occasionally, they can be project based too. You are free to set your own working schedule here.


Payment here is done on revenue-sharing basis. The basis of payment is page views. Higher page views translate to higher payment. Upfront payments are done too, but for experienced researchers. You can fetch $10-$20 for expert answers here. There’s always a possibility to graduate to higher level of engagement which means higher pay too.

Other companies

There are some other companies such as Help Owl, FixYa, and Weegy which offer cash or prizes in exchange for answers. You will deal with questions and assistance help from various companies and services alike. You can take up answering questions here like side-gigs.

Asking experts

On these websites, you will list yourself as an expert in your specialization. Users will seek expert opinions on various queries and issues. There are companies which list experts from different fields to offer help to people who are looking for specialized assistance. The questions are often tricky and strictly domain related. Let’s see which websites are those –

Just Answer

Expert positions in the fields of law, veterinary science, math tutoring, medicine etc. are offered on this website. Become an expert on Just Answer to offer your help and knowledge. You will have to set your working hours and prove your credentials to begin. If a client has a question from your domain or speciality, and if you have marked yourself as “available”, he is free to contact you over email or phone. You will split the earnings with Just Answer.


On Maven, you can advertise your services as a consultant in the domains of your choice and expertise. Researchers are called micro-consultants here. You will get contracts to answer questions and deliver information to big companies. Hourly rate has to be set for others to view. The system will match your profile with the clients’ needs. Suggestions/ answers can given over phone, on email, or writing.


This company also serves as a platform for those who seek answers to questions related from various fields such as medicine, business, technology, social media, law etc. Freelance experts have to update their domains, rate, specialization, and experience on their profile. Clients, if they like the profile and rate, will contact via phone or email. You are free to set your working hours as well as fee.


If you are an expert, get yourself listed on Clarity. It is a wonderful platform for experts to share their expertise and monetize it. Clients can contact experts on one to one basis. Clarity mainly deals with freelancers, executives, and entrepreneurs. Payment is done every two weeks. You can set your own fees and mark your availability when suited. A cut of 15% is taken on the earnings from this platform.


10EQS also offers online research jobs by hiring experts in specific fields of engineering, technology, and functions. For qualifying to work here, you will need extensive practical experience in your domain. Upon joining, you will get opportunity to get associated with live research tasks. Assistance can be offered over phone or email.

Article One Partners

This company seeks online researchers who can impart knowledge in their specialization. On registration with the company, you can submit research to a variety of public studies. You will win payments for best submitted high quality work. An invitation only program is also there which guarantees payment to online researchers.

IT-Boss Research

Independent contractors can register to offer their services here. Mostly, experts from legal fields are hired for court related queries and questions. You may have to visit local courthouses to acquire the desired data. There’s option to set your own working hours, of course, subjected to working hours of the court. An average online researcher can earn around $10 and $15 on hourly basis. Experienced court researcher can earn around $25.


On Ether, you can advertise yourself as an expert. In this, you will showcase your experience, set of skills, prior clientele etc. Finally, you will mention your rate for service. Each expert is given a phone number (1888 plus a unique 8 digit extension). For each call, Ether will charge 15% commission. Payment is made through direct deposit or as a cheque.


Internet research sometimes can get complex sometimes, especially when you have to deal with data that is not found easily. Search engines too have their own limitations in this matter. This is why people are hired to pull out information from a wide variety of sources, including web. Online research jobs are wonderful for those who are constantly in quest to know more.

Experts can offer their assistance on questions and queries associated with their fields and earn a side-income easily. Further, if you want to answer general questions, there’s a way for it too. The satisfaction of online research jobs is unparalleled because not only you earn more than from any other work from home job, but also there’s a sense of satisfaction of helping.


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