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Online Test Scoring Jobs(2020),Work as An Online Test Grader from Home

Last Updated on April 4, 2020

Online test scoring jobs are well loved work from home jobs because of its flexibility and good payout. The requirement of the job is to check tests, essays, papers and assign grades or marks. Here in this article, we have compiled information on online grading jobs and websites for which you can work as an online grader.

Profile Of Online Test Scoring Jobs

As an online test checker or grader, you will assess and evaluate tests taken by students. The tests could be in the form of questions (long, descriptive type) or MCQs (multiple choice questions). They can also be in the form of short or long essays, papers, and commentaries.

The essays are often submitted as a part of a standardized test such as ACT or SAT. Sometimes, they are in conjunction with English as a second language, ESL, or college studies. You will be assigned papers or tests to check online and submit your assessment or remarks.


Qualifications required for online Test Scoring jobs

The educational qualification needed for online test scoring jobs isn’t much. You will, at the bare minimum, need a bachelor’s degree. Some companies don’t put specification on the degree type.

Some others require you to have a degree in special fields. Whenever you apply, make sure to read all the points mentioned pertaining to eligibility and qualification.

Online Test Scoring Jobs ( Websites & Companies that Pay )

Here is the list of websites which hire people for online test scoring jobs:

Measurement, Inc.

For working for this company, you need to have a four year bachelor’s degree (in any field). Also, you must be eligible for work in the United States. You can qualify to apply for the post of temporary reader and evaluator. In terms of flexibility and work hours, there isn’t much scope. All temporary workers are required to work on a regular basis, from Monday to Friday, as long as the project continues.

On an average, you can expect most projects to finish in 4 weeks. The company looks for online test graders from March to June. On hiring, you will score a variety of material. The money is transferred directly in your account which eliminates the need to have a PayPal account. Easily it is one of the best companies to work for.


Pearson is an old and well reputed name in the field of education. They have been publishing books and offering online education tools to students and teachers from over 50 years. They offer online grading jobs too, but seasonally. Once you are hired as an online test scorer, you will work as a temporary worker. It means you won’t get the added bonus of benefits.

The typical work hours are 20 per week. For working for Pearson, you must be a resident of the US and bearer of a bachelor’s degree. A formal training will be imparted before you actually proceed to test papers.

Payment is usually $10 per hour; it can increase to up to $5 per hour. Bonus points if you can speak, read, and write two languages. With time, you can progress to other higher paying positions here such as online tutoring.


ETS is short for Educational Testing Services. It offers various online grading jobs from time to time. Graders are called raters here. The hiring process is complex and you will be subjected to two tests before you can actually start employing. Training and certification can take up to 8 hours. But fret not, it is all paid. To complete training, you will be given 2 weeks which gives you ample time to prepare and take rest. Working hours vary from 4 to 6 hours, per shift.

So, think of it as a full-fledged job. You are, however, flexible to pick your own shift from the available ones. Starting pay at ETS is $10 per hour. Experienced raters earn more, say, $20 per hour. Your employment will be of full time nature which makes you entitled for all the benefits of a regular employee. ETS will have team leaders assigned to you, in case, there’s an urgency or query of any sort.

Write Score

Write Score websites seasonally hires online graders for checking papers. Orientation for scoring jobs begin in late July and ends in early August. Other regular positions are available throughout the year. For working for Write Score, you need to have a two-year degree. This is in contrast with what other websites usually demand for.

If you have a two year degree, look no further and apply here. Once you have completed a four year degree, you can move to other positions here. Of course, the pay is higher for 4 year bachelor’s degree posts. Upon applying, you will have to take a test. There’s a minimum score to obtain to qualify the test. Resumes can be sent anytime of the year. The company puts such resumes in waitlist. Such waitlisted applicants are contacted when there’s a need for online graders.


Some students pick ACTs instead of SATs. Then there are some which pick both. ACT is similar to SAT thus the method of evaluation is also similar in nature. ACT readers will score the written parts of college readiness assessment to determine whether a student is fit or not for admission. There’s no particular need to have any teaching background to apply here.

However, if you possess a formal teaching experience, it is a win-win. Teaching English to high school junior and senior students is preferred. Only residents of the USA are hired here. Payment is work-performance based. Your earnings depend on accuracy and number of essays checked. The company claims to pay $12 per hour or even more for online test scoring jobs. Constant accuracy and consistency in the work is rewarded by the company.

Creative English Solutions

CES or Creative English Solutions offers online grading jobs for written as well as spoken tests. Evaluation is mostly done for students wishing to take the TOEFL (Testing of English as a Foreign Language) and TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication). Often, you will find that work is not limited to scoring. You can be assigned tasks related to corrections pertaining to grammar, spelling, punctuation, providing feedback, conducting brief surveys etc.

For working here, you should have English as your native language and a college degree. Working hours here are flexible, you are free to do as much or as little work as you deem fit. Of course, payment is done accordingly. The minimum working hours, however, are 10. You cannot work for less than 10 hours. As stated above, hiring is not limited to graders, the company also seeks freelance writers and voice actors from time to time.


At Literably, your task won’t be to check math questions and their answers. You will deal with transcriptions! It means, for assessment, you will have voice files of other people reading text. Focus is to be laid on recording missed words, mispronunciation, errors in speech etc. Hence, keen listening is very important to complete the tasks carefully. Before the company hires you, there will be a test to take.

Six or seven sample audio files will be played. You will have to score them. The company doesn’t require you to be a citizen of the US to work. Payment is done on hourly basis and averages at $10 an hour. For improved accuracy, reliability, you can be paid even more, say $18-$20 per hour. There’s no requirement to have a special degree. Payment is done through PayPal. Working hours are flexible.

ALTA Language Services

Knowledge of multiple languages can come handy here. ALTA Language Services currently has several online grading jobs positions available. These positions are on-demand and on part-time basis. For working here, a degree is needed. You also need to have a minimum English proficiency level of a 2+/2+ on the ILR proficiency scale.

Before employment, you will be subjected to paid trainings. In the training, you will be handed over sample tests for assessment. Working hours are flexible; you can choose your own shift to work here. Payment is usually in the range of $10-$15 per hour. Bonus if you can put your second language knowledge in use.

Write Score

For applicants to be eligible to work here, a 2 year college degree is required. Hiring is done near the end of July and continues till early August. Before selection, candidates are subjected to a qualifying test. Essays will be put for grading from various levels, scholars and elementary kids. Your position in the company will not be full time; it is a part-time assignment which leaves taxation on your own shoulders.

A training session will be conducted for selected candidates. Unfortunately, it won’t be a paid one. On passing the test, you may or may not be called for further selection. The vacancies are limited and so is hiring. Instead of hourly payment, it will be done on the tests that you score. The more tests you score, the more money you will make. Considering an average performance, it is easy to make around $10 to $15 per hour.


SATs are conducted by colleges to determine students fit for admission to certain courses offered. There are thousands of students per college who take SAT for getting enrolled in their desired college and program. Grading SAT is one of the most popular online test scoring jobs. It is easy to find a job which involves checking SAT papers and grade them. But again, it is usually a seasonal job because admissions rarely are done on year around basis.

If you are interested to become an essay grader, you can check SAT section offered on various portals. Before applying, read about the qualifications needed. Mostly, a 4 year degree is demanded to become eligible for checking papers and getting paid in return. You will have to devote around 20 hours per week for evaluating essays. Working hours are flexible in most of the cases, with liberty to choose between 4 hour and 8 hour shifts.


Upwork is not a test scoring company. It is a platform where you can search for online grading jobs or online testing jobs. If you don’t want to get tied to a contract, have constantly changing schedule but still want to earn extra, it is better to register on this website. Freelancing gigs for checking papers, grading etc. come from time to time.

You can find a great number of positions listed here, and not just for online test scoring but blogging, transcription, virtual assistant, in short, pretty much anything. Jobs for online test grading may not be available all year around but at least you will have an opportunity to work on other gigs meanwhile. The competition for getting work here can be fierce so bear that in mind before applying anywhere.


Online test scoring jobs are fast becoming popular. It is a wonderful opportunity to make extra cash by monetizing knowledge and assessment skills. If you are looking for a steady flow of income, it may not be a suitable direction for you to venture in, but for some extra earnings, it is worth to give online grading jobs a try.

Most of the times, such online test scoring jobs are seasonal so you may have to wait for long before you actually land up on an assignment.

Once you are accepted as an online rater or scorer, whatever you prefer to call it, most companies will call you back in the next season too. Since work hours are flexible with most of the companies, you won’t find it difficult to fit in this new job in your existing schedule.

Let us know which website you plan to work for! Also drop in comments on how to increase the chances of earnings through adding skills and qualifications!


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