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Same Day Pay Jobs, 40+ Companies Hiring in 2020

Last Updated on October 14, 2020

Same day pay jobs are wonderful for those who seek daily or weekly payments rather than waiting for the whole month to complete. If you too are struggling to find such jobs which pay daily, we have got you covered in this article. We have listed same day pay jobs here which guarantee flow of income and that too conveniently.

Be aware that these jobs are usually not high paying in nature. Although with time and experience, you can move to better work from home jobs and increase your earnings greatly.

Before you proceed to apply, make sure that you have a PayPal account. Most of these companies pay through PayPal so you cannot miss out on this one at all.


Same Day Pay Jobs, Complete List

Here is the list of those jobs which will pay you daily or at least weekly. Each job is different, has a different pay-band, and different tasks.

Data Entry Jobs

We’ve written a complete post on data entry jobs, a few of them summarised are below, but you may refer to the article for a detailed perspective.

Amazon Mechanical Turk : A microtask website which pays for completing small tasks such as retrieving contact details or feeding address. Minimum payment is $1. Payment is done weekly through direct deposit or gift card.

Clickworker : Earn by completing microtasks here. You will be assigned short tasks such as data classification, product categorization, arrangement of records etc. PayPal account is necessary for getting payments. Payment done on weekly basis.

OneSpace : A marketplace for small jobs such as writing tasks, data entry, prelim research etc. Payment is done after the task is reviewed. It takes around 1 to 7 days for the amount to be credited in the PayPal account.

CrowdFlower : You can participate in small tasks and earn. More tasks mean more income. With each task, you will gain level. Payments are done on weekly basis through PayPal. Earn more by completing daily tasks on daily basis.

Mobile App Jobs

Easyshift : An app available for iOS and Android. You have to complete small tasks such as taking photos, tagging location, checking prices, finding offers etc. The tasks are location oriented. Payment is done via PayPal and takes around 48 hours to reflect.

Field agent : It is available on Android and iOS. Similar to Easyshift, you will get paid for completing tasks based around your locality stores and businesses. The payment range is $3 to $12. Payment is done immediately with PayPal or Dwolla.

Fronto : Fronto pays for unlocking your phone screen. It places ads on your home screen from its clients. You can either view the ad or simply choose to ignore it. Either way, you will be paid. More payment for interacting with the ads. payment through PayPal or Amazon gift cards.

Gigwalk : Earn by completing gigs around your area. Comes for both iOS as well as Android. Payment is done anywhere from $3 to $100 per gig. On completing the gig, send it for approval. You will get payment through PayPal on approval.

Phone & Chat Jobs

Accolade Support : Become a customer service agent for Accolade Support. You will receive weekly payments, ranging from $7.25 and $9.00 hourly. The company lets you choose your own working hours.

A Better Call : An online call center with virtual workers. You should have two years of experience in customer service to serve here. Earnings can reach up to $20 per hour or even more. Payment is done weekly.

American Support : The company hires inbound and outbound telesales agents and customer service agents to operate from their home and offer tele-support. Payment is done through Pay Card or direct bank deposit.

Blooms Today : It hires eligible persons to become Independent Sales Reps. Tasks will be given to complete inbound sales with customers who want to order flowers. Average earnings per hour is $15 but can go up to $25. Payment is done weekly.

Transcription Jobs

Allegis Transcription : Transcribe interviews of people from the insurance industry to get paid here. You can join as an entry level worker and move up the ladder. You are required to complete training here before starting off. Payment is done weekly.

Babble Type : The company hires transcriptionists, translators, and proofreaders. Working hours are flexible. Typical pay begins at $15 per hour. However, it could be task based too. Payment is done on weekly basis and through PayPal.

Daily Transcription : The company seeks independent contractors who are available for either full time or part time work. Payment is done weekly. Your task will be to transcribe audio samples, interviews, videos etc.

Go Transcript : Payment is done through PayPal. You can earn up to 60 cents per audio minute as a beginner. Experts can even fetch $1200 per month by transcribing. You are free to choose work schedule and hours. Weekly payments are done.

Tutoring Jobs

Cambly : Cambly offers services to people who want to learn English. You can offer your services as a tutor by teaching ELL students. Pays 17 cents per minute of talk time. You will get your earnings every Monday through PayPal.

Chegg : At Chegg, you can start earning from $20 per hour. Pay increases with time, exposure, and experience. You are free to choose your own working hours. Also, there’s flexibility in schedule too. Payment is done weekly through PayPal.

NiceTalk : On NiceTalk, you will offer your services as an English language tutor. Learners will be assisted with video and audio lectures on the app. Working hours are flexible. You will receive weekly payments. There’s provision of bonus too.

Studypool : Answer questions posted by students by bidding on them to earn money on Studypool. If the bid gets accepted, you will deliver your answer and get paid in return. Payment is done through cheque or PayPal and processed in 3 days.

Writing Jobs

BlogMutt : The company is now named Verblio. You will earn points here on every completed and accepted article. Higher points translate to higher earnings. Payment is done every Monday through PayPal. You will have to invoice them for your earnings.

Boost Media (BoostCTR) : The company seeks writers to write PPC ads for their clients. If the ad is chosen by the client, you will get paid. You can also get paid for instant ads, which will fetch you $4 each. Payment is done through PayPal or bank account on Tuesday.

Cash4Essays : Here, you will earn by writing essays on a great range of topics. Essays should be crisp and to the point. The company reviews them and if they are accepted, you will get the opportunity to cash it out instantly via PayPal.

Domainite : This company allows independent contractors to write and edit articles. You are free to choose the article topics and working hours. Pay is $1 per 100 words for writers and 25 cents per 100 words for editors. Weekly payment through PayPal.

Freelance Marketplaces

These are platforms where freelancers can look up for the gig they are expert in. The gigs are from various categories so you won’t have any difficulty in finding the best fit. Simply browse through the categories and see what’s best for you.

FreeeUp.com : It is relatively new in the market but slowly making impact. There are many gigs to choose from. This platform is a bit selective when it comes to choosing applicants. You can set your profile and search through categories, if accepted. Payment is done every Thursday.

Freelancer.com : This website needs no introduction. It is possibly the best and most recognizable platform for freelancers to find gigs. For completing tasks, your clients will pay you in invoices or milestones. Once the client releases payment, you will receive it in a couple of days.

Guru : On Guru, you can be assured of getting payments the same day you complete tasks. Although it also depends on how fast your client is in releasing payment. On finishing the task, your client will review your task and release the payment. PayPal is the default payout method.

Upwork : Upwork is also a renowned name in online freelancer platforms. It has a lot of freelancers in its database, which makes it competitive. Freelancers can get paid on contract (fixed amount) or hourly basis. Payment is received within 5 business days directly in bank account.

Some More Same Day Pay Jobs

User Testing : You can earn by testing websites or apps for $10 each. Payment is done via PayPal exactly 7 days after the test is completed.

InstaGC : Earn giftcards here without waiting for long. You earn points by completing offers on the InstaGC website. Tasks include watching videos, testing games, visiting websites, and more. Each task has a different value. Each point is worth a penny, so 100 points is $1.

Slice the Pie : You can earn by giving your reviews and opinions about music, clothing, and more. Payment is given through PayPal within 5 business days once you reach $10 and your reviews have been accepted.

DoorDash : Similar to Uber and Lyft, except that you deliver goods and do not transport people. You can become a Dasher here after 25 deliveries and two weeks. Payment is credited to your bank account directly. Your profile, including background will be checked before you can join.

StartUpLift : You will get $5 to provide your feedback on products and services. Your earnings are transferred to your PayPal account on every Monday.

Uber – You can become a taxi driver with Uber. Requirements for this job includes a vehicle of your own and clean driving record. Once your account is approved, you can start taking rides. You will earn a flat fee per trip. There’s potential of earning tips as well. You can pull money instantly.

ZeroChaos : Your task is to rate the quality of ads you see in search results, social media networks, and websites. Payment is done $15 per hour through direct deposit on weekly basis.

Earnin : You can access the money you have earned at your job before your actual paycheck is released by the company. On the pay day, the amount you have lifted is deducted and the rest is released. There’s no fee to join this service. This is not technically a way to earn extra but you get the point.

Swagbucks : There are numerous tasks you can complete to earn on this app. With a minimum of $3, you can get a PayPal transfer. Credit takes around 2 days.

Qmee : It is a browser extension which runs in the background. You will see pop-ups containing different tasks. On clicking them and completing tasks, you will earn a small amount of money. If you are mostly active on mobile, there’s a Qmee app too. It has surveys and other small tasks.

Paid Viewpoint : Complete surveys here to earn cash. Payment is done via PayPal within 72 hours after your account has reached $15.

Humanatic : You can review phone calls for cash. Payment is done every Monday and Tuesday via PayPal.


Here were some websites which offer you weekly or same day pay jobs. You will have to carry out small tasks to earn money. The amount of money that you can make on these websites isn’t really huge but it certainly helps in small expenses of sudden or unprecedented nature.

The benefits of doing same day pay jobs is that you can cover weekend expenses without relying on your main income, which is credited at the month end. Now you have so many ways to earn quick money online, daily or weekly! Let us know which job you plan to pick. Also, let us know of your experience with any such job in the past.


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