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Best Survey Sites That Pay Money (Updated 2020)

Last Updated on November 22, 2019

Who would have thought of earning bucks by conducting online surveys, had you? No wonder, why it sounds like a dream job! When it is about making money online, paid surveys are considered as one of the most lucrative opportunities. And for this we make use of Survey Sites.

Those who are not well acquainted with what we are talking about, an online survey is an online questionnaire that is completed by audience done online by proffering them an incentive in return.

Those who wish to pursue this as their dream job, all you have to do is- join various companies, complete surveys on daily basis and get paid for all the surveys completed by you.

To make your life easier, we are listing below some of the best survey sites which are going to help you make huge bucks in 2020.

Best Survey Sites ( Updated 2020 )



This is one platform which has surveys from numerable survey panels, collated at one single place. Isn’t it one great thing? You can earn gift cards too at swagbucks that you can use for shopping online at sites like amazon or paypal.

Those who are passionate and driven to do this job, can get many survey invitations, and can complete as many as they want and earn huge in a single day.

The survey ratings differ from location to location. It features a tool box which resembles to Google Box to a great extent and it is one of the major attractions of the Survey Sites.



With 26 Million registered users across 70 countries and brands like Amazon, Kellogs, Coca Cola, Loreal using toluna surveys, it is surely one of the top performing survey websites worldwide.

Most of the surveys last from 15 to 20 minutes, by filling in your profile completely you would stand a very high chance to get most of the eligible surveys for yourself.

Toluna has tied up with all the major e-commerce companies in almost all the countries and you can easily win gift cards for completing the toluna surveys.

LifePoints Panel


With 10 Million verified users per month and over 5 million registered members, lifepoints is certainly one of the biggest survey sites around.

Being ranked as the largest provider of analysis and research, lifepointspanel is operational in 70 countries.

Surveys are variable in nature and may range from 10 minutes to 30 minutes.

Opinion Outpost


This is a free community where the members of the community are given incentives and lucrative rewards for sharing their opinions via various paid surveys covering plethora of topics and products.

Opinion Outpost is a renowned name in the world of online marketing.

If you are 18 and are looking out for some extra buck to sustain your college life more royally than your peers, then the sky is yours with Opinion Outpost.

Survey Savvy


Survey Savvy is known to be one of those market research panels which have highly paid survey on its plate to offer.

Most of the surveys are conducted for a certain group of people and hence, your age will be an important criterion as eligibility check. They are quite simple and straight.

They have a flat rate of $3 to be paid for each survey and a decent referral scheme under which you are paid $2 per survey that your referrals covers, and $1 for each and every survey that their referrals covers.

Vindale research


This is a renowned survey community having members from all walks of life transcending the boundaries of globe. It is active in countries like USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

This site could be a great way of making money. It is easy to use and is loved for its simplicity and authenticity.

While offering various options to their clients, they also ensure that the privacy of the people taking surveys is also maintained.



Earning money could not have been made easier than this! Yes, now you can earn cash and win rewards just by shopping, testing apps, watching videos and completing surveys and tasks.

Isn’t this uber easy to be your dream job? And to add cherry on the cake, you will still be awarded some points even if you attempt the surveys and get disqualified.

However, this is limited to some surveys but still a rare feature to be found in other surveys.



This is another website where members are rewarded with cash, gift cards and merchandise for completing activities and tasks.

There are varied number of tasks like joining mailing lists, signing up for trials, completing online surveys.

All you have to do is- spend good number of hours on internet and research well and you will see your balance account fuelling. Their referral policy is also quite interesting.



Earlier called Survey head, this is a pollster based in the US and holds a survey panel called Opinion place.

Unlike other polling websites, iPoll is highly mobile centric which implies a great responsiveness over mobile which lets its users to take up tasks and complete them via their phones, barring location barriers.

It is well integrated with PayPal and pays its users via the same portal.

Harris Poll Online


This is one of the oldest paid surveys started in 1963 by Lou Harris.

It works in mustering opinion from people in order to assist its clients to improvise on their products, services and their brand presence overall.

Anyone who loves spending time over internet, can join Harris Poll for free and get rewarded for sharing their opinions via their participation in the surveys.

Brand Institute


This is the most renowned leading online market research firm that holds a good grasp over the health and medicine field. These surveys are fruitful in the overall development of unique drugs, healthcare medicine along with various other goods.

If you are in a medical field in India and want to earn some extra penny, this platform could be a great opportunity for you.

These surveys would not disappoint you when it comes to pay. Their payment usually varies between $5 to $15 or more.



This is Australia based survey site, however accepts applicants across the globe, from the Middle East, the far East, Africa, Europe, and South America.

The most distinctive feature of this site is that some of its rewards are also given on merit basis which implies getting reward only if your answers are among the best.

While it sounds like a challenge, it is also a hidden opportunity since the one who gets the “best” qualifier certificate, receives more survey invitations.

American Consumer opinion


As its name suggests, the portal is based in America but is certainly open to users across the globe. Helping you earn that extra buck, the job comes with much needed simplicity and mammoth opportunities.

So, having given these survey sites, we hope you are able to make out some huge profits and some great earnings.

We do not want you to crush you small dreams of buying that latest technology or that brand new outfit due to money crunch. Dream big, earn bigger!



With over 70,000 users 3000 researchers on board from 500+ organizations, prolific recently raised over 1.2Million $ in seed funding.

Prolific rewards a minimum of $6.50 per hour, that makes it one of the best survey websites to make money online.

The company is growing rapidly and has 100+ demographic screeners for advertisers to find their right target audience.



With majority of users coming in from France and Germany, JoinHiving is a consumer panel surveys company operational since 209 with a presence in 20 countries.

You can exchange points for cash, Min 4000 points are needed to redeem cash. 1000 points = 1$. Minimum  30  days are required to redeem cash.

One must be above 15 years of age to join joinhiving, there are popular brands offering surveys and number of surveys is never a problem, you can also offers your points for charity and causes.

So, having given these survey sites, we hope you are able to make out some huge profits and some great earnings. We do not want you to crush you small dreams of buying that latest technology or that brand new outfit due to money crunch. Dream big, earn bigger!


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