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Best Transcription Jobs (2020), You Can Do Online From Home

Last Updated on April 4, 2020

Transcription jobs are one of the best ways to earn extra money without attending an office for a traditional 9 to 5 job. It is certainly rewarding and satisfying too. You can become a transcriptionist working from your home. Here in this article we have mentioned various aspects of transcription jobs, including companies to work for, pay band, general tips, and more.

Introduction to transcription jobs

In the simplest definition, a transcriptionist is a person who listens to audio or watches a video and types down the spoken sentences or sounds. So basically you will be dealing with a lot of audio and video files in your transcription jobs, which would be put in text files by you. The files will be sent through shared online drives or email.

On downloading the file, you will play it in appropriate software. Once you are done with transcription, you will send the text file back to the client. There are different types of transcriptions. Some require trainings and some don’t. Also, you may or may not need to buy specialized transcription equipments. It all depends on your profile and your tasks.

Requirements for Transcription jobs

General transcription work isn’t really demanding. You will deal mostly with books, videos from social media, podcasts etc. in this. However, legal and medical transcription on the other hand requires specialized training and qualifications. Knowledge of legal and medical terms and slang add up to the value for specialized transcriptions.

The most basic requirement is a certain typing speed which can vary from 60 to 80 words per minute. You may also need a quality headset and a quite space to work. Some transcription jobs require you to dedicate long hours of sitting. This is why the sitting chair also matters.


Other set of requirements include high speed internet access, specialized software, and access to Google Drive or Dropbox (for sharing media files). You may need a foot-pedal in future. It is a great tool to increase productivity and deliver more text in lesser time. Remember, your pay depends on audio minute completed, so the more you transcribe, the more you earn.

Skills needed for transcription jobs

Following are the skills needed for transcription jobs:

  • You should be a good listener with keen observation to sounds.
  • Good research skills also come handy. You may need to research on terminology.
  • Ability to type accurately, without losing out on minimum speed.
  • You will often deal with subjects that may not excite you.
  • Good communication skills, including proficiency in English language.
  • Ability to meet deadlines and management of time.

Training for transcription jobs

We can split transcription jobs in three categories : general, legal, and medical. General transcription needs no formal training. Legal transcription depends on experience. Medical transcription usually needs an AHDI-approved certificate (Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity). Quite naturally, medical and legal transcription tends to pay more than general transcription. Also, prior experience in legal and medical field tends to pay handsomely.

Companies that offer transcription jobs

There are many companies which are in need of transcriptionists. Since video marketing is increasing, you can see surge in demand for transcriptionists too. In addition to bloggers, doctors, lawyers, insurance agents, entertainment sector also require people to transcribe media files. Here is the list of companies which hire transcriptionists.


On Quicktate, you can transcribe audio files, voicemail messages, medical files, conference calls, legal files etc. You can log in whenever you want. The work is flexible. You got to have knowledge of good spelling and punctuation. Some background experience in transcription is also needed. You will have to take tests before you are selected.


Rev mostly deals with general transcription. The company hires both beginners as well as individuals with experience of transcription jobs. You must follow guidelines as laid down by the company. Good command over English is needed. A pre-defined style guide is to be followed. Also, you will have to take an online assessment test. On passing the test, you will be recruited. The minimum pay is $245 per month.

GMR Transcription

The company hires beginners as well as experienced transcription jobs specialists for general, legal, and medical profiles. Once you apply here, you will have to take an audio test and pass it. The pay is around $0.70 to $1.25 per audio minute.

AccuTran Global

You can find transcription jobs as well as data entry roles here. Hiring is done for general and medical transcription projects. The required typing speed is 60 words per minute. Good knowledge of English and medical field is desired. The pay is around $0.005 per word. Here too you will have to take a test post applying online.

Pacific Transcription

The company hires people for general, legal, and medical transcription jobs. A minimum typing speed of 60 words per minute is required to apply here. Employees are hired from many countries such as Australia, New Zealand, India, UK, Canada, Philippines, and South Africa. Beginners are not hired, only experienced transcriptionists are. For applying for transcriptionist post, you will have to fill an application online.


Appenscribe is a company preferred by beginners. The application process is simple and doesn’t take much time. Fill up all the details and take tests to display your accuracy and typing speed. The pay is around $0.005 per word. Working hours are flexible too. Hiring is done worldwide. For entry level transcription jobs, Appenscribe is a wonderful choice.


Tigerfish hires people as transcriptionists, even if there’s no prior experience. Hiring is done only from the USA. For qualifying for the job, you will have to pass three tests. The working hours are flexible, you can choose anytime that you want but there’s shouldn’t be halts and breaks in the work. The pay is approximately $0.005 per word.

Net Transcripts

The company offers transcription jobs for enforcement projects. Prior experience in the enforcement industry is desired. You need to have a minimum typing speed of 70 words per minute. Before you are deemed ready to work on actual projects, a small assessment will be done. A background check will also be performed post your selection.


TranscribeMe mostly deals with medical, general, and legal transcription. You will be paid around $20 per audio hour. Before you are selected, a transcription test will be conducted for checking accuracy and audio skills. Beginners as well as experienced workers can apply for job here. A fixed style guide is to be followed in the work. Training is also imparted for fresher joiners.


Flexibility of work is amazing on Scribie. You can transcribe podcasts, videos, audio files, pretty much anything. You can apply for transcription jobs from their website. Once you are invited, you can take the transcription test. The work is flexible; you can choose your own working hours. Employment is offered on first come first serve basis. Pay is around $10 per audio hour.

Daily Transcription

This company hires transcribers for legal, academic, and post-production tasks. The company hires beginners as well as experienced freelancers. The work is project based; you will be called as and when the need arises. Hiring is done from the US and Canada. On filling the online application, a test on transcription will be conducted.

Casting Words

This company offers freelance transcription jobs. Similar to Appenscribe, hiring is done globally. The pay is around 8 cents to $1 per audio minute. Once you have completed registration, you will be asked to transcription test to display accuracy and speed test. It will also impart an understanding of the style guide. The work hours are flexible.


If you are willing to do transcription for entertainment field, Terescription is a good choice. You will describe various media files and video clips from entertainment field. Hiring is limited to US citizens only. For taking job here, you need to register online and download a sample test for accuracy, English skills, and command on grammar.

Verbal Ink

Verbal Ink offers a multitude of services which include transcription, translation, and subtitles. You can send your resume here with a cover letter and wait for their response.


GoTranscript hires people worldwide. It hires freelance transcriptionists, with and without any prior experience. The pay is around $0.60 per audio or video minute. Apply on the official website and take test to get hired.

Bam! Transcription

Another company which offers transcription jobs, mainly from the entertainment industry. It offers projects which are related to TV, movies, social media channels, OTT platforms, and more. There are a limited number of general transcription and translation roles too.

Birchcreek Communications

You can transcribe different audio files such as interviews, meeting notes etc. You may be assigned video files too for transcription. The pay is around $0.40 to $1.25 per audio minute. Work hours are flexible.

American High Tech Transcription

The company hires independent contractors for general transcription jobs. Recruitment is done only from the USA. A background check on the applicants is done before recruiting.


Allegis hires freelance transcribers for projects related to the insurance industry. Hiring is done only from the USA. Experienced as well as new entrants can apply for transcription jobs here. A typing speed of minimum 75 words per minute is needed. Excellent grammar and spelling skills are also required to have. For the selected candidates, a training program will be conducted. Send in your applications online through the website.

Focus Forward

Focus Forward too hires people globally. You will work as an independent contractor. Payment is usually around $0.40 per audio minute. The work hours are flexible too. For your selection, you will be asked to take a 10 minute transcription test. Transcription work would be based on TV logging, focus groups, etc.

Speak Write

Speak Write works on general and legal transcription. People only from US or Canada are hired for transcriptionist jobs. A minimum speed of 60 words per minute plus command on English grammar, spelling, and punctuation are needed. Only experienced transcribers are needed here. The pay is around $0.005 per word.


There are plenty of transcription jobs available in the market. You just need to look at the right place. Based on your skills, experience, and certificates, you can choose to become a general or medical or legal transcriptionist. For getting qualified as a transcriptionist, you need to possess a minimum recommended typing speed, accuracy, and command over English language.

The industry of transcription is growing. You can be assured of even more opportunities in the time to come. However, there will be equal competition. The best way is to start now with transcription. Let us know which company you selected for transcription job. Also let us know how you amped up your transcription skills and moved to the higher rung of the ladder.


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