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Work From Home Travel Agent Jobs [2020] : Get Hired Now

Last Updated on April 17, 2020

Do you love planning things and often put your heart and soul into it? Do you also love travelling and exploring new places? Then, work from home travel agent jobs are the best for you. Not only it is pretty much rewarding, but it also lets you get the satisfaction of giving joy to people, well, even if indirectly.

The best part is, you don’t need to setup a physical office to begin with! This may come as a shocker to many but with ever evolving technology and internet, even travel agents jobs can be done from home! Let’s see more about travel agent jobs and its various aspects in this article.

Work from Home Travel Agent Jobs

Profile Required:

Being a travel agent, your tasks would be related, but not limited, to the following for a customer:

  • Itinerary : A customer may choose to see some places and skip others. Planning an itinerary according to client’s preferences is the most core part of travel agent jobs.
  • Booking accommodation : As per location, customer’s choice, and budget, you will book lodge, suite, beach house, villa, home-stay etc.
  • Booking mode of travel : To transport customers from one location to another. You will deal with bookings of train, bus, flight, cruise, or taxi etc.
  • Guided tours : Personal or group guide(s) to show around and guide about various sights, places of attractions etc.
  • Meals : You will have to arrange customers’ preference of meals – vegetarian, non-vegetarian, vegan.
  • Tickets : Some venues and sights offer prepaid booking. You will book tickets of places of attractions, activities etc. in advance for customers.
  • Safety : Safety and well-being of the clients travelling abroad is also important. Here, you will seek cooperation of local police, home country’s embassy etc. in case of unfortunate events. Travel insurance is also a part of this.
  • Money exchange : You will deal with converting home country currency to local currency of the country your clients are visiting. Similarly, you will then convert the unused foreign currency back to home country currency.

Reasons to pick on travel agent jobs

The first practical reason is of course, income. You might be earning already and wish to add some more bucks to your monthly earnings. Travel agent jobs are lucrative, fun, and often bundled with benefits from companies.

The second reason is that like many other evolving jobs, travel agent jobs too have gone hi-tech in terms of physical setup.


Of course, you can choose to become an independent agent or you can go the other way and become an agent for a company and work from your home. This second way is appealing to those who don’t want to mess with mundane and repetitive work from home jobs and seek new challenges every day.

The third reason is that being a travel agent, you help people make memories by planning an ideal vacation for them.

Not everyone is good at planning or even if someone is, he or she may not bother spending too much time figuring out things in a distant land.

This is why travel agents are important; they take all the hassles of planning on themselves and deliver the best of moments through careful curation of the travel plan.

Working independent v/s working for a company

You can work with an agency (or a big corporation, for that matter) or create your own agency. There are pros and cons to each approach. When you work independently, you have the option to get flexible around your income, working hours, staff, and what not.

The income margins are higher too, provided that you have a steady flow of clients.

When you work for a corporation, you will mostly be explaining packages and setting schedules; think of it as customer service rather than planning. The flexibility in working for a big corporation is limited and often, your tasks as well as salary will be marginal.

While working independently, you will have to manage everything, from A to Z until the work becomes huge and you have to hire staff.Also, independent agents are often under pressure to build brand, go marketing, apart from the regular work.

There’s no headache whatsoever in working for a big shot company. You simply go, attend calls, explain packages, take cues from customers, and that’s it. Whatever way you choose, it is better to understand everything in detail first.

Requirements for work from home travel agent jobs

No, you don’t need to hold a degree in tourism to work as a travel agent! This is one of the best aspects of this job. You only need to be enthusiastic, funny to be with, and a conscious planner to become an awesome travel agent. Of course, some companies might put forward some conditions or minimum requirements for being eligible.

Many businesses hire or at least prefer travel agents who have experience in customer handling, support, or public dealing of any kind. So if you haven’t worked directly in tourism and travel field before but have experience in customer service, you can certainly apply for and bag the listed position. The core requirements however remain the same for every business or agency.

What matters is your enthusiasm, ability to create rapport with people, a natural tendency and liking to mend things out for better and critical thinking for fixing problems. Then there are skills such as team work, confidence, organization, and communication, which are necessary too.

When you are working from home as a travel agent, things such as discipline, ability to follow the schedule, and self motivation also count.

Companies which offer work from home travel agent jobs  

If you have decided to be a travel agent for an agency, you have many companies which offer remote jobs. With a bit of patience and right research, you can find the perfect fit job for you. Once you have learned the ropes of the game, you can switch to a bigger agency or even use the experience to setup your own travel agency.

Some of the companies which offer work from home travel agent jobs are :

Red Butler

Red Butler offers different kinds of virtual services to its customers. It isn’t really a travel focussed company but it does have a travel-specific branch. You can look up for travel agent or travel counsellor positions here.

Disney-oriented organizations

Disney based organizations such as Travel with the Magic offer packages related to Disney venues. Many of these are commission based which means for every booking, you will get a portion of the booking fee. These packages are mostly popular with kids so you can promote such things at local fairs and carnivals etc.


There are various cruise companies such as Cruise.com and Cruises Inc. hire at-home travel agents to help customers book their dream cruises, shore activities, and more. Margin on cruise packages is high but the market is relatively lesser popular because of expenses.

American Express Travel Counsellors

American Express not only offers financial services but also has a service for travellers. You can become a travel counsellor at American Express. As an agent, you will help customer in booking tickets, event tickets, look for arrangements, and more. The job is high end and requires some prior experience in travel service.

Other Avenues

There are some other companies which offer travel agent jobs, though not necessarily work from home positions. You can check these companies’ career page from time to time to see if there’s anything worthy.

The companies are : Carnival Cruise Lines, Working Solutions, World Travel Holdings, Hilton, JetBlue, American Airlines, AAA, Holland America Line, Alaska Airlines, Delta, Shanty Creek Resorts, Travel Leaders Group, U-Haul, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Princess Cruises, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, ACTIVE Network, Hotel Tonight, Hyatt, Mariott, Omni Hotels, Enterprise, Hertz, Best Western, Carlson Wagonlit etc.

Working hours for travel agents

Travel agents usually have a fixed set of working hours. That being said, it is important to note that you may hear from stranded, confused, or troubled clients at an odd hour of the day. It is however a small matter. When we look at the bigger picture, it comes down to this – your working hours and pay are related.

In the traditional employment model, you work for 4 or 6 hours a week and get paid at the weekend. However, in the other model, your working hours may not be fixed. In this case, you will get earnings based on the business that you deliver to the company (think of commission model). There are no pre-defined working hours in this way.

You make money online on what you fetch for the company and not on the number of hours spent in acquiring customers. In terms of flexibility, naturally, commission based income seems to offer more liberty of working hours. It all depends on how dedicated you are and how much time can you actually afford to give to this job.


Travel agent jobs are fun but they come with a lot of responsibility too. As a travel agent, you will be in charge of giving a wholesome and memorable experience to the customers.

Your tasks too will vary by a great range. At one time, you will be asking agents in other countries to look after your customers. At the other hand, you will deal with taxi operators and restaurants.

You can either become a travel agent for a business or simply, operate independently. There are pros and cons for each. Your income as well as working hours depend on the way that you choose this career to go.

The best part of travel agent jobs is that you get to explore a lot, even if indirectly. Let us know if you have thought of becoming a travel agent in the past and wish to materialize it now.


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