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Legit Work from home healthcare jobs [2020]

Last Updated on October 22, 2020

If you thought that healthcare jobs could only be done from an office, a clinic, or a hospital, you are wrong. Of course, some of the jobs strictly demand physical presence at any of the aforementioned spaces but there are certain work from home healthcare jobs too.

Technology has advanced greatly as a result of which industries are exploring new horizons of work culture; healthcare industry is not an exception. In this article, we are going to see about healthcare jobs that can be taken from home.

Types of work from home healthcare jobs

As already explained, at the first instance, it may seem that a nurse can only work from on site : caring for patients, coordinating between patients and doctors, administrating medicines, and giving checkups. However, there are many positions available, including nursing, which can be taken from home.

We are already facing a crunch of doctors, nurses, paramedics etc. This led healthcare industry to explore all the options to meet the demands in everyone’s interest. This eventually opened the doors of remote positions in healthcare sector. Most of the online positions mentioned here require certification as well as experience.


If you don’t have a certificate required for a job, you can look that up on web and earn it too. Working from home in healthcare field isn’t like any other work from home job. It still requires full attention, dedication, and precision. Let’s see what all career options we have in work from home healthcare jobs.

Nurse Educator

The first in the list of work from home healthcare jobs is nurse educator. If you have gathered years of experience as a nurse, how about spreading that knowledge and get paid for it? That’s exactly what a nurse educator does.

You can become a nurse educator and find work at any accredited university or nursing college online. You will teach budding nurses either from your own curriculum or from the institute’s through online classes.

As a part of your duty, you will also collect feedback from students, prepare tests, and help in preparing curriculum. For teaching, you would require a master’s degree and ample experience. If you don’t have a master’s degree, you can become a tutor instead but the pay will be considerably lower.

Some institutes/ companies where you can enrol yourself as a nurse educator are Rasmussen University, Kaplan, Kieser, Achieve Test Prep, and National University.

Legal Nurse Consulting

Legal nurse consultants deal with acting as a bridge between legal and healthcare industry. They are in charge of conveying medical information to legal personnel in an order to make them understand. Legal personnel are not equipped with medical knowledge and legal nurse consultants fill this gap.

They may need to identify standards of care, check the documentation procedures followed up at hospitals, review medical records, or summarize a patient’s illness.

Such consultants work close with legal advisors, insurance agents, and advocates. Thus, we can say that consultant help in making misjudged people understand the legal terminology in the correct manner. You must be licensed in your state to work as a consultant. Also, a 6 week program in legal nurse consultant is mandatory to be completed. The Hartford hires such medico-legal consultants.

Medical Billing and Coding

Medical billing and coding is one of work from home healthcare jobs where coding specialists review patient records and put proper codes for insurance billing. They have to classify various records (that of ailments, doctors, hospitals/ clinics, medicines, surgeries/ operations), categorize, and finally code them.

Coders are in high demand and there are many positions available at any time of the year. Usually medical coders and billers are taken for on-site positions, there are telecommute positions available too.

This job too requires certification and training, particularly when there’s no past experience. The average income of a medical coder and biller is around $40000 annually.

You can find job listings on McKesson, AviaCode, Change Healthcare, Career Assist, AAPC, Mercy Health, Conifer Health Solutions, Amphion Medical, Spectraforce, CSI Companies, The Coding Network, and LexiCode.

Medical Writers

Medical writers are writers with knowledge of the healthcare industry. Various publication houses publish books related to medical care, healthcare, and other medical concepts for budding doctors and general public.

Medical writers are in task to take these complex topics and convert them into a simple language content which is easy to understand. As a medical writer, your job is similar to proofreading, you will deal with a lot of material, online as well as offline.

There will be a lot of resources (journals, books, research papers) from where you will quote doctors, surgeons, and other experts. Citations are necessary too. Also, some big hospitals maintain a strong online presence too and for that, they hire nurses as bloggers.

If you like writing, have an experience of medical line, you should try becoming a medical writer/ blogger. Some websites which offer medical writer jobs are amwa.org & study.com.

Phone Triage Nurse

Many insurance companies and hospitals offer after-hours consultation, which is usually done over phone or live chat on the respective website. Patients can ask general questions over phone or chat and get response from the qualified nurse.

Questions usually are about treatment, equipment, prescription, or assessment of emergency. Depending upon the urgency and situation, the nurse may ask the patient to follow up a procedure meanwhile the ambulance is sent.

In short, the questions are quite general in nature and not of emergency nature. These work from home healthcare jobs usually demand a bachelor’s degree and state license.

Some of the companies that hire phone triage nurse are UnitedHealth Group, Fonemed, Forward, Centers Healthcare, Citra Health Solutions, Nemours, CVS, Johnson & Johnson, Triage 4 Pediatrics (TX Only), and Wellpoint.

Medical Transcriptionist

To put simply, a medical transcriptionist converts the doctor’s spoken word into written word. Patients who go to a doctor for consultation are advised by doctor verbally. The medical transcriptionist then notes down the advice, medicines, and any other note for the patient to follow. This whole process can happen over the phone also where the transcriptionist listens to the audio sample of the doctor.

Accuracy matters here a lot because medical lingo is often complex and different medicines have similar sounding names. The work of a transcriptionist is flexible and doesn’t demand much. The compensation varies either by “audio per minute” or lines transcribed.It is one of the most preferred work from home healthcare jobs.

Some companies that hire medical transcriptionist are iScribes, TransPerfect, AQuity Solutions, Terra Nova Transcription, Acusis, MT Helping Hand, iMedX, and Phoenix MedCom.


As a work from home healthcare jobs recruiter, you will be in charge of recruiting experienced and best fit people to work in medical and healthcare industry.

This is especially beneficial for those who don’t have a medical certification or degree but do possess skills of an HR manager. Companies, big hospitals, and organizations rely on recruiters to get them the best people for different positions.

Your role would be to match a person’s qualifications, experience, and skills to the position offered by the company or organization. Many a times, you will be directly in touch with the human resources department and coordinate with them. This position is often commission based where compensation is given for every recruit.

Some companies for which you can work as a medical recruiter are Relode, Ascension Health, and AMN Healthcare.

Case Management

Case managers are in charge of understanding the clinical and psychological needs of a patient and devise a treatment and care plan accordingly. They are also given the task to understand and address patients’ queries or doubts regarding consultation, prescription, operative procedures, surgeries etc.

The patients are assigned case managers so that they can convey everything they have in mind to them.

Case management also checks upon past history of the patient to understand previous troubles. Your duty as a case manager will also be to coordinate between hospital or clinic management and patients.

Although this job will mostly require an associate degree but having a bachelor’s degree increases the chances of recruitment. Companies which hire case managers are Nurse.com, Cigna, AmerisourceBergen, 83Bar, and Aetna.

Insurance Claims & Customer Service

The next in the list of Work from home healthcare jobs is insurance claims and customer service assistant. Nurses are hired by insurance companies to coordinate between doctors, patients, and insurance agents. They are also in charge of management of customer queries and complaints.

Many of such nurses are given remote positions too. Customers will contact these service representatives to under cost breakup, medicine schedule, treatment plans/ packages, and after care assistance. Typically, assistance is provided over email or phone. Many people with a call center experience prefer this as their work from home healthcare jobs option to make a living.

A customer can call up the dedicated number to seek solutions to his problems pertaining to dues, further stages of treatment plan, or even setting up installments of bills. Payment is usually done on fixed salary basis.

Some of the companies which offer such positions are The Hartford, ARO, Anthem, Aetna, American International Group (AIG), Express Scripts/Cigna, United HealthCare, and Healthfirst.


Pharmacists essentially work from their shops however there are emerging opportunities for pharmacists to work from home too. As a remote working pharmacist, you will often help your customers understand prescription, its dosage and frequency. Some remote pharmacists also go extra and arrange for home delivery of medicines.

They take orders over phone or simply ask the patient to drop an email containing prescription from the doctor and arrange to send the medicines on designated address.

Pharmacists can enlist on medicine delivery program too and supply medicines, syringes, tablets, and other pharmacy goods to hospitals in bulk.

Some companies which offer work from home medicine jobs are Express Scripts, Humana, Babylon Health, and Walgreens.

Additional resources

The above companies offer work from home healthcare jobs. There are some additional companies which offer similar remote positions. You will most likely need an active license in your state to work for them.

These companies are Syneos Health, Amgen, PRA Health Sciences, Aetna, Magellan Health, Anthem, Stryker, VocoVision, Covance, Humana, Abbott, UnitedHealth Group, BroadPath Healthcare Solutions, Johnson & Johnson, CVS Health, and Change Healthcare.


Generally, companies will hire nurses and other professionals with exposure to medical field as part time or full time employees. Most companies prefer a certificate and a degree relevant in the field to offer positions.

Nearly all of the positions mentioned in the list above come with usual employee benefits such as paid holidays, medical and dental insurance, flexibility of work hours, and incentives. Before applying, check out terms and conditions in the contract fully.

Make sure that you are fully eligible and don’t fall short on any of the requirements of license. These work from home healthcare jobs might not be for everyone but those who are fit can surely go ahead and apply.

The obvious benefits include no hassles of commute, flexibility of schedule, and comfort of working from home. If you are looking for earning from home opportunities and have the essential requirements met for working in healthcare industry, go ahead and apply! Stay tuned for more jobs!


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